EMpowering PROfessional RelatiVEs in Europe

About the project

In addition to age, more and more older people have physical or mental disabilities. By 2047, one in four (21%) women and one in six (17%) men over the age of 65 should have disabilities, including physical disabilities. Older people with mental health problems feel more fragile and vulnerable than before as contact with caregivers is now minimized, with loneliness and neglect becoming a reality for many people.  

The goal of the EMPROVE project is to support the quality of assistance for elderly by creating an innovative curriculum for the people who would like to train to become a Professional Relative. Professional Relative is a profession of a profession of a geriatric care manager: someone who is with the family, who plans and supervises care. He/she has the appropriate preparation, experience and does not struggle with emotional baggage. 


Project management, with activities to monitor, promote and evaluate the project.

Development of the EMPROVE Training Course and Manual

Development of the EMPROVE e-Learning Platform

Dissemination and Sustainability

Result 1

A training course aimed at the acquisition of the skills and competencies of a Professional Relative.

Result 2

A Manual addressed to the participants of the Course describing the general knowledge about the profession of a Professional Relative.

Result 3

An e-learning platform with the EMPROVE training content.


Promoting the quality of the education practices in the field of VET by creating a highly innovative training path leading to the acquisition of the competencies within one of the professions of the future -Professional Relative.

Improving the quality of life of the elderly and their families by offering them the professional care of a trained Professional Relative.

Introducing innovative techniques in the field of healthcare of the elderly in constantly aging societies.

Enhancing cooperation opportunities between different European countries in the field of healthcare and improve the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field covered by the project.